Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gokayama - ainokura chapter 童话式雪中小屋の相仓篇

Woke up early in the morning to have my breakfast. Though I didn’t like western food but FREE was always great (´∀`)
Most of the customer here are working adult. Not sure if I was too sensitive, I noticed a strange look on their faces! If can I also didn’t want to stay here. I liked this hotel and it's really nice just that...I can’t accept the price range. I control my accommodation expenses maximum at 2500 yen. Here was 4000yen per nightΣ(O_O;)Shock!! 
It was great that the hotel was located less than 5minutes walking distance to the train station as I needed to take the train to reach Johana station at 8.51am to catch the bus at 9am. I can’t afford to miss the 9 o’clock bus since the next bus will be 10:55am!                                                                                            
Majority passengers in the train were the students. I love to look at students’ uniform ^^
 Quite a good looking guy sat opposite me. He was studying English language. I felt like want to talk to him but I knew Japanese writing skill and grammar were really good. Better don't embarrass myself :P Besides, most probably he was preparing for the exam. I guess it was not a good idea to disturb people.
The snowy scene made me felt blue. Perhaps the influence of Korean drama was really significant though I only watched once of the Korean drama. The song I listened to added spices into the gloomy heart.

I love to look at the snowy mountain. Mountain, mountain, mountain, it was so fascinating 

Successfully reached Johana Station. I thought it was a big station/medium size station but it was a small station! From the info, there were a lot of attractions linked to the station. Perhaps I remembered wrongly. I didn’t see any other public transport here.

Arrived at Ainokura very fast. Nobody press the bell! No choice, I had to react and pressed the bell to get off the bus. One guy get off together with me J
I needed to follow the signboard to walk into the village. It was pleasant to have a walk but with my heavy and burdensome luggage. It was mentally and physically torturing moment! (P/S: the torturing level was very minima among all my torturing experiences. It was just a little bit more than ordinary level)

OK. I have to say that the locker storage fee was cheap J 
(I hope to have free storage area..I know I know I am greedy)

Another thing I have to say was the ticket fares were extremely cheap. At first, I thought I want to save money and didn’t want to spend the ticket to go into the ‘little small museum’. But I saw again another little small museum, fine, just walked in to have a look. Don’t waste my opportunity here. This was the little small museum no.2 


Come. Let's 'climb' up :)



This little small museum successfully made me in great excitement and happiness! WHY??? The things I read in Doraemon appeared in front of my eyes. I thought it was just the creativity of the author. Greatest excitement was when I saw the phone

I wished I recorded all the video here. I like traditional folk song and dance

Difficult in taking picture. When I still trying hard to take photo, a group of obasan came in…arggghhh. More even difficult, I tried to minimize the inconvenience I might bring to people! One of the obasan very nice, she offered to help me! Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu
Let’s go to little small museum no.1. The admission ticket for the no.2 was meant for no.1 as well. So conclusion was 200yen tickets for two museum, 100yen each!


This model was great to show the people the structure of the house (o´∀`o)

The model wasn't just to show the structure of the house ☆^(o≧∀≦)oニパッ 


I waited at this small bus hut as the opposite bus stop was really just a bus stop! I needed to stand in such weather for the bus! Furthermore, other tourists also waiting here (then only I knew none of them wanna go further to Gokayama/Shirakawago direction)

I almost missed this bus though I waited here early! If they don't see people, they won't stop Σ(=゚ω゚=;) Luckily got passenger wanted to get off here.

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